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Seattle, Wa



The Seattle-Tacoma Interurban Railway


The Seattle-Tacoma Interurban Railway


This rich, historical documentary captures the story of the high-speed, electric transit system (1902-1928) that sparked the growth and development of Puget Sound's twin cities. 

Winner of the National American Public Works Award.  Broadcast on PBS.  Length: 45 min.


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“This video had me captivated from start to finish. Well-made, nicely edited and highly entertaining: 4 stars” - Video Rating Guide

“Exceptional. I hope this producer will do others. I wait with baited breath.” - Railroading Magazine

“One of the most clever uses of stills and sound effects yet. This IS a good one.” - Trolley Talk

The response has been great . . . lots of positive comments. The broadcast of the Interurban earned our highest ratings yet for the series, “About Us.” Congratulations! - Eric Maki, KCTS

I recently saw your story of the Seattle and Tacoma interurban again, and may I say...I enjoyed it as much as the first time. Your other productions are also sound, incredibly interesting and I look forward to seeing more of them in the near future. - Jim M, Vancouver, B.C.

Thanks for the great production. I really enjoyed seeing the history, drama, and legends you portrayed in your film. - Harry H, Pioneer Square

“I fully enjoyed your documentary on the Interurban Railway. I didn’t know till now about that and I'm a Seattle native. Also, living a block away from the Interurban Building in Pioneer Square, I found it really fascinating. I appreciate you creating something that is so positive like this and it feels good to know Seattle has good creative forces. - Marc VB, Seattle.