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Seattle, Wa



The Power of Snoqualmie Falls


The Power of Snoqualmie Falls


This is the unbelievable story of how one man built the world’s first underground hydro-electric plant beneath Snoqualmie Falls.  At the turn of the 19th century, when electricity was still in its infancy, civil engineer, Charles Baker, envisioned the potential of Snoqualmie Falls and embarked on an ambitious plan.

In the incredible span of just 16 months, Baker and his crew blasted downward 270 feet through the shoulder of Snoqualmie Falls, carved out an enormous cavern the size of two basketball courts, assembled massive turbines and generators and strung electrical wires from Snoqualmie to Seattle and Tacoma. When the switch was thrown at the Falls in 1899, electricity surged through 27 miles of line and the Northwest was never the same. 

 Nominated for an Emmy.  Broadcast on PBS. Length: 60 min.

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I very much enjoyed every aspect: the photos and their effective use in telling a complex story. It was a wealth of old Seattle that was intriguing. It is a very interesting documentary in every regard and I enjoyed it and will not forget it. I am greatly impressed by your documentary. Hats off to you for a job "well done"!
Patricia D.

The Power of Snoqualmie is your best film yet. You really brought history to life. It’s a well-crafted, dramatic story with brilliant in-show sticking teases that keep the viewer intrigued and engaged.
Randy B.

You took what on paper could look like a straight-forward, mundane subject and made it into something great. Better than a Ken Burns. You made me so attached to Baker, I didn’t feel like watching anymore after he was ousted. I did anyway though… E.G.

Beautifully produced and fascinating. I knew nothing about the history of the project, just that the power plant had been there a long time. This is a great way to learn about a piece of our region's history. Thanks for giving us an enjoyable and educational evening. Charles D.

Congratulations on your wonderful documentary. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed learning the history and significance of this remarkable engineering feat. Beautifully done! Lea H.

My sister and I were absolutely fascinated by your video documentary. John O, Victoria, BC

We watched your program last night and thought it was great! It was fun to watch. Let us know when there are more. Elinor S.

Congratulations on a great film on Snoqualmie. It was a compelling story and very well told by you and your team. Andy W.

Great work, what an amazing story; you did an excellent job telling it and showing not only the power of the Falls but the power of ideas, skills, determination and capital! Bravo! Howard G.