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Seattle, Wa


The Miracle Strip: <br> A Story of Longacres Race Track


The Miracle Strip:
A Story of Longacres Race Track


The Miracle Strip:
A Story of Longacres Race Track


During the height of the Depression, local businessman Joe Gottstein took the largest gamble of his life. In 33 days he built Longacres Race Track, sparking the growth of the Thoroughbred industry and creating a second home for jockeys, trainers and railbirds. This compelling film captures the beauty of this sport and the deep emotional hold Longacres had on thousands of Northwest residents.

Winner of the National Eclipse Award and nominated for two Emmys. Broadcast on PBS. Length: 80 min.

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“This video had me captivated from start to finish. Well-made, nicely edited and highly entertaining: 4 stars” - Video Rating Guide

“It will enthrall viewers.” - Sherry Grindleland, The Journal American

“It speaks volumes about what was and what is. The Miracle Strip is a permanent part of my collection.” - The Spokesman Review

“You have to get this film.” - Mike Gastineau, KJR SportsRadio

“Everything about this video is first-class.” - Columbia Reviews

“A remarkable documentary! This video brings back the beauty and excitement of the beloved Renton oval in a vivid way.” - Dennis Dodge, Daily Racing Form

"The Miracle Strip" (1992): Stephen Sadis' homage to Longacres, the legendary Renton oval, is a hidden gem. The film uses rare photographs, archival film footage and vintage recordings to bring the golden age of racing back to life. I should also mention that it won an Eclipse Award as best documentary in 1992. Sometimes, when the world gets too much, I pop the top on a fake beer, stuff this little masterpiece into my VCR and fall backward into yesteryear." - Larry Lee Palmer, Seattle Post Intelligencer